Friday, September 28, 2012

High Five it is Friday

Praise the Lord Jesus in Heaven that it is Friday. That is all I am going to say.

1. I got to Skype with my college roommate! It was awesome. And I may or may not have gotten a little bit antsy and drew a finger-stach.

2. All this crazy workplace drama is finally getting resolved. It has been as tense as a tightrope stretched across Niagara Falls in there. And, I am getting a bigger desk, which does not face a wall. Thank You!

3. There has been a lot of extra hours this week, as testing season has come upon the high school, as well as open house coming on Monday. It is almost over! PTL

4. Movie Night!

Debbie Downer: I was at work late until 6.30, left with the perfect amount of time to get a smoothie for dinner, and hit up Two Nights in New York. False. My gps pooped out, and I drove everywhere looking for the dang smoothie place that I had a gift card for. Fail. Finally gave up and left for the theater. Had to call for directions, and was given the wrong directions. Got lost for 20 minutes. Finally made it there late. When I tried to get some food, they literally did not have one item with protein. So I got a soft pretzel for 5 freaking bucks, which they microwaved too long, so it became oddly crunchy... But I was so hungry I ate it all up. Also the movie was terrible. There was no plot line but there was 2 bajillion sexually inappropo comments, and some woman trying to sell her soul at an art show. Oh then afterwards my gas light came on, and I couldn't find a gas station for the life of me. And ended up at a rather sketchy location, with some seriously shady characters. I finally made it home, but by that time I lost my good parking spot and had to park close to 6 blocks away, because my permit has not come in the mail yet. I came back, and my kitty and torn up some of the pictures on the wall.
Worst movie night ever.

5. Fall  TV premieres!
Yes please SNL, Grey's Anatomy, and Modern Family!

Modern Family Season 2 Poster


  1. That is the saddest movie night EVER! You need to meet me back in Wheaton for spontaneous $3 "Easy A" adventures :)

  2. i love SNL,,,,,it always makes me laugh!

    happy friday!

    xo, sarah grace

  3. the best shows are in the fall!

    Have a great week!