Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Housing Conundrum

 As of now, I am in the midst of a housing conundrum. I just moved back home from college, with a small bit of savings. I do have a really solid job, teaching history, starting in September, which really should pay enough to afford my own place. Plus a great summer job.


There is always a "but", shame.
But my position is only for a year, I am taking over for a teacher on maternity leave.

So here are my options:

1. Live at home with my wonderful family
Do chores in exchange for rent, plus pay all my living, insurance, and other such fees.
   Pros: Soo much cheaper.
            Who knows where I will be a year from now.
            Great time to spend with my family while I can.
   Cons: Honestly, I am ready to move out.
              I am a rather independent person, and don't feel at home despite being at home.

2. Rent my own apartment
This would need to happen soon, as most leases are for 12 months and I only have a job for 12 months.
   Pros: I am out on my own and independant
            I don't have to tell someone where I am going every time I leave
            The feeling of pride to have your own place
            Starting my own life, rather than putting it on hold a year untill things solidify
  Cons: It is pricey. deposits, rents, parking, furniture, and moving all cost money
             which I don't competly have right now. I have enough to squeeze by, but not much more.
             My budget would be 800 maybe 900 if all utilities were included.
Here are some of the best examples of the places I can get, all of which will go quick.

Lower Queen Anne Studio $750
Located in a decent area of town, a great price right, across from a park,
but far from the freeway and my job.

It sure is cool and funky though, the ladder on the left goes up to the lofted sleeping space
The place looks decent, not updated, but not bad, a great deal at 750
Fremont 1 Bedroom $895
Great north end funky fun location, still a bit of a drive to work.
It is at the very top end of my budget
The kitchen is small but usable and clean

I love the flooring and the light,
ss well as that it is a one bedroom, rather than a studio.

Option 3 is a Capitol Hill Studio for $790
The outside looks great, but honestly, Cap Hill is not the greatest part of town
It really isn't bad either, but part of moving here would include convincing my Dad
The commute drops down to 15 minutes as compared to 25 - 30 for the other two places

Good hardwood floors, but this would be the living and sleeping area

The kitchen looks really dated, but usable, I think.

I could always find a different one somewhere else, who knows, but these three locations seem to be my best bet, and closest to my price range

3. Find a Roomate
Pros: Cheaper Rent
         Social Life
         Bigger place with less furnishing expenses
Cons: No prospective roomate at this time
          Could end up with a creeper weirdo rando
          I could never find a roomate, and I am back to option 1
          2 bedroom apartments are bigger but can easily cost double the price of a studio

So right now, I don't know what I will do. I have a couple weeks off work in August to look around, but I need to act fast, otherwise the 12 month lease thing will be a huge problem. That is one of the reasons I made this blog, to document the changes, decision, and see how the real wold actually works.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Her Historical Highness' Pets

I do love me some history. All of my pets have historical names, you won't find any generic names like boots, duke, rover, and so on and so forth. The historian in me rises forth and will not accept such mainsteam generic names!

Here are my current and old pets, and their historical figures.

Calhoun the Kitty
Who also happens to be quite well spoken and feisty, yet not violent
much like the individual below
John C. Calhoun

Unashamably taken from wikipedia, despite how I tell my students not to cite the site...

"John Caldwell Calhoun ( March 18, 1782 – March 31, 1850) was a leading politician and political theorist from South Carolina during the first half of the 19th century. Calhoun eloquently spoke out on every issue of his day, but often changed positions. Calhoun began his political career as a nationalist, modernizer, and proponent of a strong national government and protective tariffs. After 1830 he switched to states' rights, limited government, nullification and free trade. He is best known for his intense and original defense of slavery as something positive, his distrust of majoritarianism, and for pointing the South toward secession from the Union."

Boss Tweed the Alpha Beta Fish (no picture)

We called this fish Boss for a reason, he was a legit boss. We bought him because somehow his top fin was tied up in a knot. Boss also liked to bite, he would literally jump out of his bowl and bite your finger. Also Boss doesn't die, it as been almost four years now, for a beta that is a long time. he has traveled in plastic waterbottles throught the El and Metra of Chicago, been in many car rides and been left alone over vacations. By comparison, me and Katie's fish is still living, our suitemates, purchased at the same time, Pepito, died about a month later.

"William Magear Tweed (April 3, 1823 – April 12, 1878) – often erroneously referred to as William Marcy Tweed] and widely known as "Boss" Tweed – was an American politician most notable for being the "boss" of Tammany Hall, the Democratic Party political machine that played a major role in the politics of 19th century New York City and State. At the height of his influence, Tweed was the third-largest landowner in New York City, a director of the Erie Railroad, the Tenth National Bank, and the New-York Printing Company, as well as proprietor of the Metropolitan Hotel.

Tweed was convicted for stealing an amount estimated by an aldermen's committee in 1877 at between $25 million and $45 million from New York City taxpayers through political corruption, although later estimates ranged as high as $200 million.[3] Based on the inflation or devaluation rate of the dollar since 1870 of 2.7%, $25–$200 million is between $1 and $8 billion 2010 dollars. He died in the Ludlow Street Jail."

Other pets include and are not limited to:

Franz Ferdinand: Archduke of Austria, whos assasination began WWI.

Lord Nelson: British Admiral famous for naval tactics during the Napolionic Wars

Zero historical relevance
named by my brother

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Birkenstock Hippy Granola

Why is it that hippies get associated with all the goodness that is granola? For some reason I imagine a tie dyed up, bearded hippie, wearing a pair of Birkenstocks, swaying to new age music in his head, as the prime consumer of granola. Much like this dude, dancing away at the Fremont festival.

But even if your not waving scarves around like the fine people of Seattle, you can still jump on the granola bandwagon. I did, and up until a couple months ago, I was an NCAA athlete, not exactly miss tie dye, like the lady below, I saw at the Folklife festival.

Here is my framework for the basic granola, and then from there, it only gets better!

2 C. Old Fashioned Oats (none of those 1 minute kind, yuck)
1/4 C. Brown Sugar
1/2 C. Butter - you can also substitute any sort of healthy oil here too, sunflower is delicious, but I find butter gives the granola the nice crisp texture much better

Bake at 375 for around 8 minutes, after 8, constantly check up on your granola to make sure it does not burn, it is really easy to do. When the granola comes out, with a nice brown color around the edges, it may still be soft. Don't worry, it hardens as it cools, then you can start to crumble do your desired chunkage level.

Vanilla Almond:
2t. Vanilla
1/2 C. Almonds

Apple Cinnamon:
1T. Cinnamon
3/4 C. Fresh apples, diced. or dried pieces of apples, which you can add after the granola is cooked.

But today I made....
Strawberry Flax Seed Granola

Gather Ingredients
Oats, Flax Seed, Honey, Oil
Vanilla: I have some really good stuff from the Dominican, but any old kind will do.
Strawberries in Sauce: The night before, cut up some strawberries, add some sugar, then place in the fridge. The next day you have a wonderful strawberry sauce/juice.

Dont forget the butter and brown sugar, I almost did. You need the extra sweetness and butter because of the nutty bland flax.

 Mix up your wet ingredients

Mix up your dry ingredients.
My flax was oddly dark, I thought most was a light brown color, I guess that is what you get for buying flax on sale for only 2 bucks.

Combine the wet, dry, and straberries

 Spread it out on a pan

About 10 minutes later, you have crispy golden healthy yumminess which any dancing hippy would approve of. Plus it is homemade, cost evective, and very green of you, if even if you spend your days in athletic shorts rather than tie dye

Don't forget to enjoy, I spooned in some plain yogurt and bannanas. Delicious.

Ok I will leave you with one more hippie clip I filmed at the Folklife, it is just so darn funny. The quality on this is a disaster though. nice and unfocused, from a cheapo digital camera.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

The - I just got paid and it was Nordstrom's anniversary sale - post

I have been a stubborn holdout.

My college roomates all decided to make blogs to keep in touch, and they both have actually been really really successfull in the blogosphere. But I, like my father, thought blogs to be a complete waste of time and energy. But I write this post to admit, I was wrong. I miss my buddies. I have found some really good food on blogs. Most my computer backgrounds come from sweet art blogs. There are also some radical documentations and thoughts that exist out in blogoland. But I won't sell out. I am the hipster of the blogs. No linkages, buttons, sponsors, and the fluff.

It is just me, in the raw.


Literally Raw

So besides being real, I also can get my shop on. Especially when this past Friday was payday and this weekend was the big Nordstrom sale. Heck ya.

My goal was to find good teacher clothes, that make me look older than my students (kind of important), but not give way and turn into a grandma or frumpy teacher. It is a tough balance. My first day looking at my classroom and office, I got a the classic comment "Oh! your going to be a teacher!? I thought you were here for new student registration".
Ouch that hurts. Especially when I am teaching the upper grades.

So here is the haul.
KG, Kati, anyone else: too young? too old?

Sweet sale prices, still expensive
but not out of normal price range expensive

Purple Fudge Jacket

Classic Oxfords

Wrapped Black Top

Sheer Tank with Lace

Rose Clasp Belt

Urban Outfitters
All items were on sale for around half off, then another 33 percent, cha ching.

White lacey dress, but mine was a little different
style, meaning longer and more teacher appro pro 

Shirt dress, which looks awesome with the new belt

The Limited 
On the sale rack of course

More dressy but I think I will stand
out from my students with this one.
Victoria's Secret
Free Panty!
Free truffle!

I chose chocolate souflee

 It was quite the fun day of shopping. Now hopefully I just need a couple more pieces to add to my wardrobe to be a chic teacher.

As GloZel says
Peace and Blessings, Peace and Blessings