Monday, September 3, 2012

HF4F on Monday

It is official! I made it through my first week of classes. heck yes. With no major issues either. I did forget to take attendace one period, but if that is the worst that happened during my week, I am doing realllll good.

Here is my week in 5 short tidbits of fun. 

1. I LOVE my students! Compared to my student teaching, the students are angels. Granted, it has only been 3 days, but I haven't one eye role or sassy comment yet. I have 150 students, and the fact that not one has outright done anything in three days is a serious win and a good sign. 
After day 3 in student teaching, I already had students asking me to get them into college parties, and some serious complaining and groaning about actually doing work in the classroom

2. My introduction game was hilarious. I passed around a roll of tp and said "take however much you need" which of course got laughs, as it was toilet paper... 
All the class clowns grabbed so much, one even took 30 squares. 
But for every square they took, they had to say one fact about themselves.
I love games that backfire on the class clowns, it makes my day.

3. last Wednesday, I went to check out my new apartment, and sign the lease, to move in this weekend. Buut, it turns out that there wasn't a fan in the bathroom, so there was some serious condensation damage. So I didn't sign the lease. But, the landlord agreed to give me a new bathroom! heck yes! It only delayed my move in one week, and I get a new bathroom at no extra charge, in fact less money, since the month is pro-rated to when I move in. 
So worth an extra week at home. I get to check out the new bathroom on Wednesday, and hopefully I can get the lease signed.

4. One of my students said her favorite part of the day was my class. Always good to hear, especially for a noob teacher. 

5. My fears of my students finding out how young I actually am came true. The first two days were great. I came with some kick a heels and a nice dress. But Friday, it was spirit day, so I came in wearing a maroon and white t-shirt and a hat. Fail. Almost every student asked how old I was, and I was told multiple times that I looked just like a student. They even told me to go sit in on another teacher's class to see if anyone would notice. I don't think I like being told I look like a high school student, when in fact, I am a college graduate and am their teacher.

Dang. There goes my casual Fridays.....

My new necessary future wardrobe

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