Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Map It

In my Global Studies class, we always do current events. Each student has a certain day of the month and presents an important recent event. These past couple of months, the primary concern has been over the terrible youtube video that sparked protests in over twenty countries, and has killed over thirty people.

To help visualize our events, I put up a map, and have push pins which represent each current event.

The students love putting push pins in the map as well as seeing where all the events are actually located. It also encourages them to find events from really strange locations, such as Antartica.

This map has got me visualizing maps everywhere. I had a strange dream that I decorated my room completly in maps. From the carpet to the walls to the furniture. It was all maps.

I was curious about how people decorate with maps, without it becoming a nightmare, and I found some really chic examples. There are even minimalist styles, which is impressive when using a busy map.
maps maps maps
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  1. Love this. I am a big fan of decorating with maps.


  2. i love all of them but especially the one from Elle Decor.

  3. such neat ideas! i especially love the last one. i really like how the flags are incorporated into it.

    happy wednesday!
    xo, sarah grace