Tuesday, September 11, 2012

North Carolina Slow Cookin

Barbecue season is just about over, but there is still time for one last shot.

By now, me and the fam have exhausted most forms of barbecue. There have been way too many burgers, brats, and chicken burgers. We have even had some delicious ribs and steaks. But at some point, you gotta get a good pork roast going. It is heavenly, but the slow cooking nature might take some time.

It is real simple though. Light up the grill, and throw the pig butt on indirect heat, keeping the grill at 300 degrees. Let it steep in smokey goodness for 4-6 hours. It usually takes about 2 hours for each pound of meat. Or until the temperature of the butt is 195 degree.

Photo: 6 hours on the grill... pork ready to chop for N. Carolina style BBQ at the neighborhood party tomorrow. Nice job Greg!
Before we began the pork pull.

Your end result will look delicious, and make your house smell irresistible!
When the meat is doen to perfection, a slight "pull" with you fingers, and it comes fallin off.
Hence pulled pork. num. Stick it on a bun with some red bbq sauce and you have yourself a meal.

South Carolina style requires a heaping of coleslaw in the sandwich


But of you want to get real East Carolina style, you must use their famous spicy vinegar sauce.

Much like the recipe I made this weekend, but I used hot sauce and red pepper flakes
 instead of cayenne and there was no mustard in the recipe. 

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