Monday, October 8, 2012

Weekend Update

This past week, I did not have the urge to write a single post. I look at blogging as something fun, a creative outlet, when there is time. This past week, there was no time, nor a single ounce of creativity.

Open House was this past Monday, and I was at school from 7:30 am to 9.30 pm. 14 hours is just too long. I also had to prove to parents, that despite being basically their children's age, I am a capable and qualified teacher. I tried to be enthusiastic, because it is one serious pro of being so young, no burnout. I also showed them this picture.

It proved I am a seriously tough cookie, it also got them laughing, happy parents don't ask scary questions.

Needless to say, the whole rest of the week, I felt like I was seriously behind on sleep and life, with no time to catch a breath. Literally, I could barely breath because of a cold going around.

Hence, no blog last week. Going forward, I cannot guarantee regular blog posts, but that does not mean I will just vanish from the blogosphere. It just isn't fun when I am stress about blogging as a daily duty.

Anyways, on to better and brighter things. This weekend was wonderful. I can breath again, and I was very productive as well as relaxed.

Friday I was able to catch up with a good friend from high school, although it was cut a bit short when we snuck out the back of the local dive bar because two sketch looking guys tried to buy us mead shots, and get us to play pool with them. Mead? Really?! Are we in the Middle Ages still...

On Saturday my rents came down and my dad hung up some curtains and pictures for me, while my mom helped me paint my bathroom. Amazing what paint can do to a room! We also went to the up and coming South Lake Union neighborhood, and hit up Tom Douglas's new restaurant.


AFTER - The lighting is funky here, normally the walls look grey, not beige.

The Brave Horse

Finally, today I made it to the Capital Hill farmers market. The produce there was gorgeous! So fresh, and all organic, with relatively good pricing.

Sexy Fruit Right!? And yes, those are the blackberries in my belly right now, not some random picture off the internet

Also. The Seahawks won! ya boiii. It was a close game to the end. I was tracking it online, since I don't have cable, but the end was so good, I ran (literally) to the pizza place a block away to catch the ending live.

Goal line stop for the win

Since moving to Seattle, I have been church hoping, but I finally found a church I absolutely love. The worship isn't too rock band, but they play modern songs. The congregation is around my age. They have a post college, early career group, and the pastor preached the solid Christocentic message rooted in the Word. Yes Please.


  1. I am an NC State alumn that has been watching Russell Wilson for years; we were so sad to see him go to Wisconsin for his last eligible year but know it was important to get him seen nationally. I just love to see the rest of the world discover how talented he is now with the Seahawks! We have known it for years!


    1. No Way! My Dad is an NC State alum, so I grew up watching Wilson!