Thursday, September 27, 2012

Photography Class

Instead of taking the boring 'ol general education class, art history. I instead took a digital photography class. Our final project was to create a blog filled with pictures we took and answering the professors many artsy fartsy questions. I learned a lot about digital cameras from the class, but I don't believe I took that great of picture.

The worst part, that stupid blog I slapped together and put very little thought into, has more views that this blog! I mean for serious! who wants to look at a terrible school project. Then again, who wants to hear me ramble and complain...

So clearly I did something right when taking these pictures.
So below is one of my photo shoots. Taken at the Winfield Mounds, out near Chicago.


Most of my critiques were that the images were over exposed, but I think that is much more of a matter of taste. As I was editing, I just kept coming back to a the whitened look, and purposely added it in. 

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