Thursday, September 6, 2012

Busted Sail

My nice friendly introduction to teaching abruptly stopped today. There is something about being called a b**** that really knocks out your optimism. Suddenly, all my classes began the eye rolls, or just could not stop talking to each other.

hey girl teacher

As a first year, comments like that really sting, because you just have not built up enough tough skin to deal with such nasty remarks. It takes the wind completely out of your sails. I don't want a tardy to turn into power struggle, but I also refuse to be treated in such a way.

It is so so important to remember the triumphs too. Comments about how I am a student's favorite teacher, or how I have their favorite class, good emails from parents, and fashion raves from high school students mean so much more than a jaded tardy student's remark.

But despite the positives, all I seem to remember are the negatives, no matter if they are few are far between.

How do you pros just let the nasty roll off?


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