Sunday, September 16, 2012



Whoa, this weekend has gone fast. Sorry for going all missing in action this past week. But it has been for a very good reason. I am officially moved into my new apartment!! It took a lot of muscles, time, and money. But it is livable. Kinda. I won't have internet until Thursday, best case scenario. The place has not been decorated yet either, so there are a lot of blank unpainted walls.

But despite the emptiness.


This is the main living area. Couch, desk, and the dining room extendable table to the right.
Shame there are no chairs for the table. I will double up the desk chair
but having more than one chair might be kinda important 

It is a studio, but the bed pushed into the closet sure saves a lot of room.
The duvet still doesn't have a cover, and I am planning on hanging curtains behind the bed

The sweet vintage light fixture in the living room

The view from my couch. It could use some help. The TV, when I get one, will go on the black table
I was thinking a photo collage might be good in the rest of the blank space. 

Through the window there is a great view of the Space Needle and lake Union!

My thrift store find for 25 bucks! Covered in a scarf from Egypt. The stove is not full size, but it is gas!

Everybody needs a coffee area

The Kitchen.

With marble counters

The whole kitchen

Walk in closet

with tons of space

The bathroom. nothing to special, but it functions The shower has nice subway tiles


  1. This place is fantastic and has some serious charm! I think i love the glass door and built in (where your coffee mug is.) You can't beat that kind of character!


  2. You have such an adorable apartment! I can't wait to come visit you someday (hopefully sooner, rather than later!) I miss you!