Monday, September 24, 2012

Oh hey internet, it has been awhile. Where have you been?

Do you ever go a couple weeks or even a day without internet, and you feel like the whole world has stopped, and you missed every single thing in life. That is the way I have felt these past weeks while I moved and tried to get my internet all set up.

It turns out, the world really did not turn any faster while I was gone, and I got caught up to speed in literally an hour... Shoot I guess I am not nearly as important as I thought. Although the cutie barista at Seattle Coffee Works might beg to differ, cause he was flirting it up, that or he was just a little jealous that I am gainfully employed at 22, while he was working the Chemex. More than likely the latter, but I like to pretend the former :)

So anyways..
I am settling into Seattle life wonderfully. This past weekend, I just hopped on the bus and went downtown with my very green canvas grocery bags, and picked up my produce at the Pike Place Market. I did avoid the fish throwers though.. ew...

Side note, about a month ago, the Pike Place Fish Market came to my school for staff development, and we all had to throw smelly slimy fish in the name of team building.

I came back and my kitty was snoozing away. He is such a cutie, although not quite as much as the barista.

Later I skyped my college roommate and she inspired me to make corn frites. Delicious!!
You can find the recipe here.

All in all, I am loving living on my own. I feel so independent and cool. My students think I am cool, and I feel so much more like a legit professional since I don't live at my parents house anymore.
I am also a fan of having my own space. College was great and all, but there comes a time when you gotta move on up in the world. I also am around drama teens for my job, and it is great to not have drama when I come home. Now, I am about to go own up a bowl of ice cream, peace. 

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  1. I am jealous; Seattle is on my bucket list.