Saturday, August 4, 2012

Coffee Crazy

So I struck out at another apartment showing, it was an open house, and the manager didn't even show up. How rude! So I thought I would come home and treat myself.

Lately I have been coffee crazy. Ok, so maybe not lately, more like all the time. I have begun to amass many coffee making apparatuses, none of which have been perticularly helpful when it is 90 degrees. So I got creative, and made my own iced coffee device. For Free. Thats whats up!

I first ground up about 8oz of coffee, which is about half a bag of ordinary joe. Or three quarters, if you get the artisian 12oz bags. Give it a medium to coarse gride, otherwise you get some floaties. ew.

See the chunks in there, that is a coarse grind.

Then pour the coffee into about a gallon of water, and let it soak over night. Or be like me an get impatient, and give it about 3 hours. It still works.

It may look nast now, just wait, cause it is so so good!

Then grab a mesh strainer. Much like the one below. This works much better than a funnel or a pour over device because of the increased surface area. A cold brew will not move through the filter as easily as hot water.

Place the strainer over top of a pitcher, and place an ordinary coffee filter in the mesh stainer. You could use a cheese cloth too, and I have even heard of people using a paper towel. Talk about desperate, I thought I was bad.

Pour the coffee ground water combo into the strainer, it will take awhile to go down, but eventually you get a whole pitcher of black gold! which can be stored in the fridge and sipped whenever you feel the need.

Don't forget, it is a concentrate, so watering it down is a good idea. It will come out real dark looking. Use some plain ice and that should do the trick. Or you could just literally bounce off the walls if you want to freeze some in ice cubes and put it the already iced cold deliciousness. I don't think I will do that again, whoops.

Good idea to cool normal hot coffee, bad idea in already cold concentrated coffee

Now that you have your glorious concentrate watered down, you could go the standard milk and sugar or cream an sugar. But I suggest using some sweet and condensed milk. Both your cream and sweetness in one amazing product.

If you want a thai iced tea, simmer some cardamom in half n half with some sugar, and store in the fridge for a trip to thai land whenever your feeling adventurous.

Shoot, I could use some adventure right now, peace out. 

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