Friday, August 10, 2012

Friday Highs

Why Friday Highs?
Yes, Friday highs. No not literally high. For months my buddie Kate has been bothering me to linkup with the blog world. So really it is just "H54F" but re naming it "Friday Highs" makes me feel a little less like I am giving in...


Friday Highs
I thought this week would be a serious downer, I was supposed to have the week off, until my boss gave me the puppy eyes and asked me to fill in for a couple days, and then the couple days turned into all five days. But this actually turned out to be awesome. Here is why.

1. I Learned Html Coding.
Turns out one of the camps that needed a sub was app camp. yes, that's right, as in apps for your iPhone. I had to teach middle schoolers how to code their own app with zero prior experience, say what!?

I almost have an idea what this means now

2. I Basically Met Me.
While subbing for ancient Egypt camp, I was talking to one of the teachers, and it turns out we have literally lived the exact same life. We both have played softball in the same select circle, we both played NCAA div 3 softball, we were recruited by the same coach's, played the same position, knew the same people, both just graduated, both studied secondary education, both just got sweet jobs when no one else can, both of us are lead teachers for PSC, and get this, we both taught the same camps! Way weird.

Ok, this is me, but it could totally have been her too.

3.  Less Work for the Same Pay.
After being a lead teacher, hopping in for a few days, and not having to worry about all the curriculum and just interacting with the kids was so nice. My brain was not going 5000 miles a second, always thinking of what to do next or potentially terrible scenarios. I am loving the easy work at my normal lead pay scale. but..... the below image also still applies. Hello next week.

4. A Potential Apartment
There is a really good looking apartment in a great part of town, that is IN my budget. Hallelujah!
Now to beat off all the other applicants.

5. Coffee with a Buddie
Sunday, so technically this week right? I met up with a really good friend from the good ol days of middle school. We have stayed friends ever since, and even though we don't live that close, we always pick right back up where we left off.

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