Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Oh How Pinteresting

Dreams of a gorgeous apartment keep drifting in and out of my mind. Then reality slams me in the face. I am getting a craigslist couch, my brothers old bed, and used kitchen apparatuses.
It's a serious slam to my pinterest world.

Ok, so maybe I can't have designer furniture, but I can do the little things right. Here are some small things done right, that can really spruce up a dull space. And some other fun stuff too :)

Maybe not the most dainty decor. But laughing before every shower evens the score

Oh, I wish I had saved more stubs, but even just with pictures, this is a wonderful idea.

Chic and Cheap. This can be done on both a shower curtain or regular curtains.
It would glam up the mustache shower curtain for sure.

Hehehe, what a magnet. This could be used on anything magnetic.
I would kill to see one on a car.

So cute. The class frame might be a little costly though.
I might get a tile, and use some transfer paper, or modge podge.

Not so cheap. But I love the idea of having a separate space
for the tons of coffee devices and mugs I have collected over the years.
Easily done with a cheaper piece of furniture too.

This has nothing to do with an apartment, he was just so darn cute!


  1. I love that coffee bar too! I don't think either of my kids would tolerate a scarf or a hat, but my gosh that kid is cute with his on.

  2. I love the ribbon for the shower curtain, such a cute idea!!

    Im your newest follower

    XOXO Tiffany

  3. i love your pins! Especially the bows on curtain!

    Have a fantastic day! Stop by and say hello! :)

  4. Cute pins! I'm your newest follower :) xoxo! eliza