Friday, August 17, 2012

Friday Favs

Shoot, friday is a sneaky little sucker. One minute you think you have the week off and the next moment, your week of bliss is OVER.

1. I officially found my first apartment, and am spreading my wings. Starting Sept 1 that is.


2.  I had the week off of work, and got my tan on during this heat wave in Seattle.

This might be great, except that no one has AC in Seattle, as it genrally is 60 and raining

3.  My teaching schedule was finalized, and I finally know I am teaching global studies and american studies. Which is rather important, as I begin on Monday

4. Sweet thrift store finds to pimp out my new pad

~ I found a Natuzzi brand (high end itallian) couch in almost perfect condition (like sat in one time condition) at St. Vincent's, it only cost me 80, and normally it would retail for 1200. SCORE!

~ Also found a cute solid wood stand, possibly for a tv, but I am thinking of turning it into a coffee bar. It only set me back 25.  

Thrift Store Find

5. King Felix threw a perfect game.
~ ok, I know to some of you this is no big deal. But really it is huge! Only the 23rd in baseball's entire history, the first in Mariner history, and it put the Mariner's on the map. It has been so long since espn even talked about my team.

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