Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Housing Conundrum

 As of now, I am in the midst of a housing conundrum. I just moved back home from college, with a small bit of savings. I do have a really solid job, teaching history, starting in September, which really should pay enough to afford my own place. Plus a great summer job.


There is always a "but", shame.
But my position is only for a year, I am taking over for a teacher on maternity leave.

So here are my options:

1. Live at home with my wonderful family
Do chores in exchange for rent, plus pay all my living, insurance, and other such fees.
   Pros: Soo much cheaper.
            Who knows where I will be a year from now.
            Great time to spend with my family while I can.
   Cons: Honestly, I am ready to move out.
              I am a rather independent person, and don't feel at home despite being at home.

2. Rent my own apartment
This would need to happen soon, as most leases are for 12 months and I only have a job for 12 months.
   Pros: I am out on my own and independant
            I don't have to tell someone where I am going every time I leave
            The feeling of pride to have your own place
            Starting my own life, rather than putting it on hold a year untill things solidify
  Cons: It is pricey. deposits, rents, parking, furniture, and moving all cost money
             which I don't competly have right now. I have enough to squeeze by, but not much more.
             My budget would be 800 maybe 900 if all utilities were included.
Here are some of the best examples of the places I can get, all of which will go quick.

Lower Queen Anne Studio $750
Located in a decent area of town, a great price right, across from a park,
but far from the freeway and my job.

It sure is cool and funky though, the ladder on the left goes up to the lofted sleeping space
The place looks decent, not updated, but not bad, a great deal at 750
Fremont 1 Bedroom $895
Great north end funky fun location, still a bit of a drive to work.
It is at the very top end of my budget
The kitchen is small but usable and clean

I love the flooring and the light,
ss well as that it is a one bedroom, rather than a studio.

Option 3 is a Capitol Hill Studio for $790
The outside looks great, but honestly, Cap Hill is not the greatest part of town
It really isn't bad either, but part of moving here would include convincing my Dad
The commute drops down to 15 minutes as compared to 25 - 30 for the other two places

Good hardwood floors, but this would be the living and sleeping area

The kitchen looks really dated, but usable, I think.

I could always find a different one somewhere else, who knows, but these three locations seem to be my best bet, and closest to my price range

3. Find a Roomate
Pros: Cheaper Rent
         Social Life
         Bigger place with less furnishing expenses
Cons: No prospective roomate at this time
          Could end up with a creeper weirdo rando
          I could never find a roomate, and I am back to option 1
          2 bedroom apartments are bigger but can easily cost double the price of a studio

So right now, I don't know what I will do. I have a couple weeks off work in August to look around, but I need to act fast, otherwise the 12 month lease thing will be a huge problem. That is one of the reasons I made this blog, to document the changes, decision, and see how the real wold actually works.

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