Sunday, August 5, 2012

Yes Please Youtubes

This weekend was pretty chill, and way way too hot. I already got my tan on, met my buddie for coffe, cleaned the house, did various errands and still had some time to kill. So I youtubed it, for atleast an hour. I have no regrets, it was hilarious!
Here were my favorites

Best Carly Rae Cover Ever
Sesame Street: Share It Maybe
"Me about to really freak out, someone please call the Girl Scouts...Me going off me rocker, please feed me Betty Crocker!"

By far my favorite commercial on the air right now
The Beach
You think it is a pop culture trendy brand, then bam!

Pretty much everywhere, it is going to be hot
A classic, best laugh ever.

So Your Cat Wants A Massage?
"If we understood fluent meow, our cats would tell us that petting is passe"
"A major whisker watch is in effect here"
Oh gosh.... Please tell me this lady is not for real

This is why I am kind of glad I am done with softball. I escaped relatively easy after 16 years of catching, only a dislocated thumb, a bad black eye, and a hole in my knee. not bad. We won't talk about my non catching injuries. I am kind of hardcore.

MLB Collisions by ANTi Slideshow Tributes

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