Tuesday, August 28, 2012


Sorry for the lack of creativity as of late. School begins this wednesday, and my life is a whirlwind. Today is my last day of prep, half of which is taken up by silly meetings. Then I head straight to sign the lease on my new apartment!

The only think keeping my head above water is Jesus and some seriously good music. In the many hours I have spent building curriculum, I ran out of good bands to listen to on spotify, so I began the search for a ne music player.

Pandora - Too many ads and too much effort to create a quality playlist. It just did not fit my many different moods. Sometimes I am all indie legit, other times I like some Brittany Spears.

Spotify - Normally my go to, but I am running out of new band to listen to, and I don't have the time to find more.... :(

Grooveshark - a bad version of spotify, it includes more songs, which are most likely going against many copyright laws.


My new favorite music player. It searches a huge database of quality playlists, which are engineered by ... get this! .... A music concierge.

Basically, you choose what you are doing, or your mood, and it creates great playlists based on yoru specifications.

By far my new favorite online music player. It customizes music to your activity and mood. Housework will never be the same. 

Check it out a www.songza.com

I am always looking for new music though. How do you listen to music? Any apps your lovin? 

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