Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Wednesday Love

1. First off, I am loving that I decided to take a sick day for some much needed rest, and to catch up on grading. A mental health day counts as a sick day right? Retail therapy might be pushing it though, I will just stick to my stack of projects.


2. My mentor teacher has decided to buy me an entire chicken after I showed up to the staff lunch room with a box of cinnamon toast crunch and chocolate milk. I then proceeded to eat the cereal out of my mug, which still had the remenants of my morning coffee in the bottom. Most the teachers were grossed out, but secretly, I think they were jelouse, as they ate their salads and frozen meals.

Source: recipe.com via Denise on Pinterest

3. Why can't men my age figure out this essential truth. My students compliment my clothes like crazy, and my middle aged co-workers give me chocolate. If I could just average their age, and combine their game, life would be good.

Source: repinly.com via Ashley on Pinterest
4. I am loving these pants! The perfct combo of sexy and comfy. Minus the heels, that is just stupid.

Source: vau.lt via Tracey on Pinterest

5. As a social studies teacher maps are my best friend, and cute maps are about the best thing ever.

6. OMGEEEE Kate at Classy Living I have totally been loving The Mindy Project too!


7.  I am not really a quote person, because talk is cheap, but rarely I do find one that really hits home. A year ago I was with my college friends at honeyrock playing broom ball and stressing about getting cleared from pt, so I could play softball in the Dominican. Now I am a legit high school teacher, have my own apartment in a new city, surrounded by totally new people, and very completly different priorties. Ghawd what a difference a year makes. But I would not trade my last year for anything...

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  1. I hope your mental health day was fabulous! And I love that quote :) I'm so happy we're still friends, though I'm NOT happy that you live so far away from me! This whole going-seven-months-without-seeing-you thing is NOT okay.