Thursday, December 6, 2012

End Cap

A new friend of mine tracked all the good days he had during his first year teaching, and when he added them all up, there were only eight good days. After his words of wisdom, he shared some of his chocolate stash with me.

Clearly my week has not gone so well but as I have learned, you have to celebrate some of the small victories.

1. I love coaching basketball but I feel a little useless as the head coach is a 6 11 former professional player. My high school background does not give me a lot to go on. But the game today is an early release and mr perfect cant make the game because he has a legit job. I am glad for the opportunity to try my hand at head coaching.

2. My school is going 1:1 iPads next year and they are piloting the iPads on teacher in January, as well as my junior class in the spring. Heck to the yeah.

3. My diet has become a disaster. But a yummy disaster. Last night I ate basically nothing all day because I was so busy. I got home and ate a bowl of cereal, crashed, and woke back up for a beer and some pop tarts. I can't decide if I will lose a ton of weight because I keep forgetting to eat or gain a bunch of weight due to my crappy diet.


  1. That's incredible that you're all getting iPads!

  2. So cool about coaching! That's awesome! And it's always fun to be a Guinea pig for techi stuff! (: Found you from the H5FF Link up! You can find me here:

  3. Hi there. I'm Hanna and I found you on the hippity hop!! Great Blog:) and Happy Holidays. I am your newest follower!!! You can find me at

    xooxo Hanna

    wow, I don;t even have a cell phone. LOL