Saturday, July 21, 2012

The - I just got paid and it was Nordstrom's anniversary sale - post

I have been a stubborn holdout.

My college roomates all decided to make blogs to keep in touch, and they both have actually been really really successfull in the blogosphere. But I, like my father, thought blogs to be a complete waste of time and energy. But I write this post to admit, I was wrong. I miss my buddies. I have found some really good food on blogs. Most my computer backgrounds come from sweet art blogs. There are also some radical documentations and thoughts that exist out in blogoland. But I won't sell out. I am the hipster of the blogs. No linkages, buttons, sponsors, and the fluff.

It is just me, in the raw.


Literally Raw

So besides being real, I also can get my shop on. Especially when this past Friday was payday and this weekend was the big Nordstrom sale. Heck ya.

My goal was to find good teacher clothes, that make me look older than my students (kind of important), but not give way and turn into a grandma or frumpy teacher. It is a tough balance. My first day looking at my classroom and office, I got a the classic comment "Oh! your going to be a teacher!? I thought you were here for new student registration".
Ouch that hurts. Especially when I am teaching the upper grades.

So here is the haul.
KG, Kati, anyone else: too young? too old?

Sweet sale prices, still expensive
but not out of normal price range expensive

Purple Fudge Jacket

Classic Oxfords

Wrapped Black Top

Sheer Tank with Lace

Rose Clasp Belt

Urban Outfitters
All items were on sale for around half off, then another 33 percent, cha ching.

White lacey dress, but mine was a little different
style, meaning longer and more teacher appro pro 

Shirt dress, which looks awesome with the new belt

The Limited 
On the sale rack of course

More dressy but I think I will stand
out from my students with this one.
Victoria's Secret
Free Panty!
Free truffle!

I chose chocolate souflee

 It was quite the fun day of shopping. Now hopefully I just need a couple more pieces to add to my wardrobe to be a chic teacher.

As GloZel says
Peace and Blessings, Peace and Blessings


  1. I am SO excited about this! You joined the blogosphere!!!! :) Yay for being the first comment!

    Your new clothes look adorable! I'm sure they make you look ultra professional. And I love that you included the free underwear and truffle, because let's be honest, who doesn't love free stuff?

    Now it's just a waiting game to see how long it takes you to cave and link-up for "High Five for Friday" or "Oh How Pinteresting Wednesday" ;)

    1. NEVER! I shall go post-less before I cave into H54F! ew, shoot me now. Ok but Pinteresting wednesday might be fun. Although maybe I will make it tuesday or thursday just out of spite.

    2. If you ever want to get blog traffic, you'll link up on a Wednesday :) I link Kati and her mom up every Wednesday morning (make sure you post goes live at 5 AM EST, which is 2 AM Pacific time) so I can do you too if you want! The beauty of being on the east coast is getting to be one of the first to link up each week, and the higher you are on the list, the more traffic you get. Link up with us for the GBU tomorrow! :)

      You also need to get a little gadget on your sidebar for Google Friend Connect (GFC) so people can follow you! If you go to "layout" on Blogger and scroll down a little you'll see that it says "add gadget". Pick the follower one! That way, when people flock to your wondrous blog they can add you to their daily reads!